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You may have seen him on BBC3's Panic Room... or  FREAKY EATERS and wondered...

 "How is he getting these extraordinary results?"
Felix Economakis Finally Reveals How...
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13th-14th OCTOBER 2018

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All the details are still being finalised but to be "kept in the loop" about this amazing opportunity to train directly with FELIX and learn his 4R's Model Of Therapy... enter your details now.

In fact, we will be offering those that express interest below a special pre-launch early booking rate, that will NOT be available at any other time.
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“I was fascinated to watch Felix Economakis for the first time in action, fix someone’s SED after being traumatised with it for more than 30 years. Not only COULD she eat but I didn’t think we’d get her to stop. LOL”
Bob Burns, Hypnosis Trainer & legendary creator of The Swan
What is the 4R's Model?
Imagine you knew how to sequence your sessions in way that helped the client to create change... without the need to formally hypnotise them?

Imagine a ‘cut to the chase’ therapy that moves the client away from 'intellectual talking therapies' but instead helps the client get to the crux of the real problem almost immediately.

What if helping the client change were as simple as checking off a number of boxes in their mind... and... once they were ticked... the results appeared... regardless of whether hypnosis had happened!

This is what the 4R's are all about!

Rapport, Reconciliation, Responsibility & Rewire

In it's simplest form... this is a complete framework you can apply to your client sessions that WILL take your results to the next level.

A premier framework for phobias, trauma and anxiety based issues... that is ALSO applicable to other approaches!

Tried, tested and then refined over 20 years, the 4R's model is the reason why Felix is the most sought after change-worker for dealing with Selective Eating Disorder (Now known as ARFID) and has literally helped well over 2500 change their patterns of behaviour.

This is a well honed complete framework and he is ready to share it with you!

“What delight to be part of this. A true master” – Rob R.

“Thank you Felix you are a wonderful trainer” – Tim.

“It all makes sense. Love it!” – Annalise

“Thanks for the awesome learnings” – Kara

“Brilliant stuff Felix. Can’t wait to put them to work!" – Andy G.

“Felix your passion and ‘coming-from-your-heart’ to teach and guide us to be great therapists is mind-blowing. Thank you!” – Marg.

“Amazing. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you for your knowledge! - Lance Baker

What Are Other Therapists Saying When They Learn This Stuff?*
*A small sample of comments from a soft-launch of this system
Who is Felix Economakis?
Felix is a chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner. He has demonstrated amazing results using his 4R's model with hyper-phobics on BBC3’s “The Panic Room”, as well as on the TV show “Freaky Eaters”.

Felix believes in leading by example so in the course of his TV work he has walked over burning coals, jumped out of a plane, broken through a 2 inch wooden board with the palm of his hand, and held all manner of tarantulas, snakes and giant hissing cockroaches to illustrate how we can all learn to manage our anxiety.

Asides from these more dramatic displays of therapy for fears and phobias, Felix has been interviewed on radio and on dozens of articles on the most common psychological conditions affecting modern society: chronic anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, relationship conflicts and the feeling that something is missing is life.

He remains passionate about promoting the benefits of modern integrative therapy in all these areas and has written a book on how the relationship between the conscious and unconscious mind determines our emotional and mental health.
Glenn Robertson, Change-worker using the 4R's Model in Australia
Today I saw a 44 yr old SED client. Gagging issues and restricted diet. She was in tears because work gave her a promotion and she’s dreading going to Holland with work for two weeks as she only eats bread, chips, donuts, some cold meats, and vegemite sandwiches. She was in tears after the session as she ate all her sample foods without gagging. She couldn’t believe it. Felix, thank you. Thanks for sharing …your knowledge. I’m looking forward to helping lots more people in Australia. I love this work! �❤️

And also used the protocol with an anxiety client yesterday (he had difficulty stopping negative thoughts, and couldn’t switch off thoughts, anxious feelings). He called me today saying he feels like a new man and can’t believe the change. �. I like the protocol. It’s versatile. �..”